4 Projects where You Need to Rent a Concrete Mixer

Jun 19

A concrete mixer is a useful piece of equipment that automatically combines mixes concrete, sand or gravel and water when it is needed to complete a project. There are many different types of concrete mixers available on the market, all varying in size: From a portable concrete mixer ideal for smaller to medium sized projects to a large commercial mixing truck,...

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5 Uses for a Hilti Gun

May 15

A Hilti gun, also commonly referred to as a Nail gun, is a specific type of nail gun used within the construction industry. It propels nails with force into hard surfaces so that a hammer isn’t necessary, making construction faster and more efficient. Here are 5 interesting uses for this unique piece of equipment: Trimming and Skirting  Hilti guns work...

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4 jobs for your hired earth drill or auger

Apr 17

An earth drill is a useful piece of equipment for any DIY or gardening project that requires digging many small to medium sized holes. Using an auger saves a lot of time and energy and ensures that the holes are of a consistent size and depth. If you’re thinking of tackling any of the following projects, consider an earth drill for hire from Talisman Plant and...

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Fuel caddy systems keep your machinery on the go

Mar 20

When you’re working on a large construction project, the likelihood is that many of the power tools and equipment you use will require a great deal of fuel. Machinery such as diggers and tractors obviously require fuel, however, there are many other heavy construction equipment that also run on fuel. Transporting your construction equipment to a fuel pump can take...

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Where to hire pedestrian rollers in South Africa

Feb 20

One of the most important aspects of construction is creating a solid and stable foundation. Compaction of a construction site before construction is essential and best achieved using compaction equipment such as a roller. Several types and sizes of pedestrian rollers for hire are available from Talisman Plant & Tool Hire. Using a roller for compaction ensures...

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