Five home improvement tools that DIY pro’s can’t do without

Apr 04

What are the five top home improvement tools that DIY-pro’s can’t do without? Besides the basics such as a tape measures, paint brushes and basic construction equipment, to name a few, here are five DIY-tool must-haves: Drill – A drill is essential to almost every DIY project. Pro’s recommended adding this to your home improvement tool...

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How to remove mould from outdoor paving

Feb 15

With the help of a tool rental company, paving around your home can look great, but over time nature’s elements can cause damage to your paving. 15Mould and algae can grow over your paving and cause it to look worn and dull in color. Cleaning it with tools from a tool rental company will bring back that great look you want for your house’s exterior. Removing the...

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6 Signs that your solid wood floors need to be resurfaced

Feb 08

Having a beautiful home with dull wooden floor can easily be fixed with home improvement tools, making the floors a showpiece in your home. Removing or repairing these damaged areas can be costly but when hiring home improvement tools, you can save a lot of money. Check the quality of your wooden floors  Lifting of floorboards – When the floorboards lift at the...

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