Essential lighting for construction sites

Aug 22

Health and safety regulations require construction sites to provide sufficient lighting in potentially poorly lit areas, and of course site-wide at night. If you are working on road construction or building construction and you don’t have access to your own building construction tools and equipment, it’s best to consult with local tool rental companies to ensure...

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A guide to welding safety

Jul 11

If you are looking for building construction tools and equipment, Talisman is your one-stop shop. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the tool business, so we put together a quick guide to welding safety. There are some things that can go wrong if you don’t follow safety procedures and if you are not properly trained in welding, it is best to not attempt any DIY...

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How to remove a concrete slab

May 09

Removing a concrete slab doesn’t have to be a massive operation. The same principles always apply, so we have rounded up a few tips and pointers to help you get the job done properly. Always wear your safety gear and make sure you’ve got the right power tools for the job. You will need a big jack hammer, a crow bar (if you are moving heavy blocks of concrete), a...

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