Some great uses for a high pressure washer!

Oct 15

As the dull winter days fade away and spring sunshine is flooding our gardens… it suddenly is apparent that our outdoor areas are definitely not as sparkling as they could be! The best piece of equipment for cleaning just about anything outside is a high-pressure washer – and you can rent one from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire. So why should you think about...

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No Power at Your Building Site? No Problem! Hire a Generator Today

Sep 23

Why spend money on a new one when you can hire a generator instead? Let’s take a look at the benefits of generator rental, as well as the different types of generators currently available. Why Hire a Generator? There are many benefits associated with generator rental as opposed to buying one new or second hand. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about keeping up...

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The easy way to rent electrical and diesel compressors

Feb 23

If you’re serious about power tools – whether it’s on a construction site or for home maintenance – you’ll know that the best, most precise power tools are often powered by air compressors. Compressors are pricey to buy outright however, and the high-quality ones (that provide the best functionality) are often out of budget for private individuals...

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A guide to repairing potholes

Jun 13

The dreaded pothole is a factor that we all have to be ready to deal with, whether it is driving around one or into one or needing to fix or fill a few of them. Most of us are aware of the inconvenience they can cause. This is why Talisman Hire, the leaders in construction tool rental in South Africa have a short yet essential guide to help you repair potholes on...

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