Some great uses for a high pressure washer!

Oct 15

As the dull winter days fade away and spring sunshine is flooding our gardens… it suddenly is apparent that our outdoor areas are definitely not as sparkling as they could be! The best piece of equipment for cleaning just about anything outside is a high-pressure washer – and you can rent one from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire. So why should you think about...

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How to Use a High-Pressure Washer

Sep 05

For the best results, there are four main elements needed in high-pressure washing: Pressure, Water flow rate, Cleaning solution, and Heat. Lack for one element requires an adjustment in the others, for example, a cold water high-pressure washer lacks heat, and will, therefore, need more cleaning solution and more pressure. Uses for a High-Pressure Washer Not much...

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How to clean dirty or mouldy concrete

Jan 16

If the concrete or paving in your outside areas is looking stained or mouldy, it can really detract from your home’s appeal. If you’ve tried good old fashioned elbow grease using soap, a scrubbing brush and a garden hose and are still left with stains, it may be time to tackle the job using a high pressure washer. You’re unlikely to have one of these lying...

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