Our Guide to Laying Tiles like a Pro

May 01

Well-laid tiles can add a sense of elegance and sophistication to any space. Want to learn how to lay tiles like a pro? Then simply follow our easy step-by-step guide: Step 1  Preparing the surface is the first and arguably, the most important, step.  To ensure the best possible results, the area needs to be clean (free of any grease or wax), smooth (you may...

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How to create the perfect weld:

Apr 27

Welding uses a source of heat to join two pieces of metal together. The edges to be welded, plus a filler metal rod, are melted together to form a molten puddle of metal that, when cool, forms a strong, seamless bond.   Welding equipment for hire is available from Talisman Plant and Tool hire. We have 2 varieties of welders in stock: The Talisman...

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Old paving? No problem – we have breakers for hire

Apr 24

If you’ve decided it’s time to renovate, chances are that you need to clear away previous construction before you can begin. Old paving stones which were embedded in concrete can be especially tough to remove if you’re renovating your verandah or paved driveway. This is where a heavy-duty breaker comes in handy. At Talisman Plant and Tool Hire, we have a...

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4 jobs for your hired earth drill or auger

Apr 17

An earth drill is a useful piece of equipment for any DIY or gardening project that requires digging many small to medium sized holes. Using an auger saves a lot of time and energy and ensures that the holes are of a consistent size and depth. If you’re thinking of tackling any of the following projects, consider an earth drill for hire from Talisman Plant and...

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Blocked pipes and drains? Here’s how to fix them:

Apr 10

Is a blockage in your pipes causing water to back up into your sink or toilet? Worst case scenario is a blockage so severe that it causes flooding. Even if the water is not overflowing, a toilet that won’t flush or a sink filled with dirty water that won’t drain is a serious problem. If you’re handy with home maintenance, you may be able to sort out the problem...

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5 simple DIY jobs for autumn

Apr 03

Now that summer is over and autumn is upon us, you may be thinking about tackling a few DIY projects around the house and garden. The cooler weather means that home construction work is a little more pleasant: it’s not yet too cold to work comfortably outdoors. Here’s our list of easy DIY and home maintenance projects that are ideal for autumn. These are all...

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Fuel caddy systems keep your machinery on the go

Mar 20

When you’re working on a large construction project, the likelihood is that many of the power tools and equipment you use will require a great deal of fuel. Machinery such as diggers and tractors obviously require fuel, however, there are many other heavy construction equipment that also run on fuel. Transporting your construction equipment to a fuel pump can take...

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