How to create the perfect polished concrete floor

Aug 29

Highly polished concrete floors are certainly popular, especially in modern homes and commercial environments. It can be costly to hire professional home improvement companies to transform your drab and potentially flawed concrete floor, to a high gloss and aesthetically pleasing surface. What’s not costly is hiring the basic home improvement tools from Talisman...

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How to clean your blocked drain

Aug 08

The first thing to think about when unblocking a clogged drain is what tools you will require. If you don’t have your own selection of tools and equipment, contact your local tool rental company for assistance. Using the right tools to clean a blocked drain is absolutely essential. Drain rods that are available for hire typically come in sets that screw together so...

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A guide to welding safety

Jul 11

If you are looking for building construction tools and equipment, Talisman is your one-stop shop. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the tool business, so we put together a quick guide to welding safety. There are some things that can go wrong if you don’t follow safety procedures and if you are not properly trained in welding, it is best to not attempt any DIY...

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Why does concrete crack?

Jun 27

One of the most common questions from clients after having newly poured concrete is why does the concrete crack? Unfortunately, when not following specific guidelines when installing concrete, it can begin to crack and result in a messy finished job. Talisman plant and tool hire are the leading plant hire company in South Africa and have put a list together to assist...

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How to repair and repave a garden pathway

Jun 20

The time has come for you to repair and repave your beautiful pathway in your garden. Many steps and stories have crossed through your homely space and have the marks and breaks to show for it. Now it is time to repair them and keep your garden pathway looking its best and preventing it from incurring any further damage. Talisman Hire, the leading South African tool...

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8 uses for pressure washers

May 30

When it comes to cleaning grime on the outside of your house, a pressure washer can produce some of the best results. Not only can this machine keep the outside of your home looking its best, it has many other uses as well. Here are a few: Pressure washers can keep vinyl fencing looking brand new year after year It can be used to spray insects and cobwebs in...

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