Safety advice for when you’re working at a height

Oct 24

Many construction jobs require work that is done at a height – either on scaffolding or on tall step ladders. That safety is a real concern is an obvious fact. Apart from the risk of employees falling off of scaffolding or ladders, there is also the risk of objects falling from height and injuring people working below. Plus, South Africa has strict safety...

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Where to find welders for hire or rent

Oct 17

Whether you need to weld large pieces of metal for a construction job, or simply need a welder for a home DIY project, you can find the perfect welder for rent at Talisman Plant and Tool Hire. If you only need a welder for one specific project and are unlikely to get continuous use out of it, then a welder for rent is a cost effective and practical solution. Power...

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No Power at Your Building Site? No Problem! Hire a Generator Today

Sep 23

Why spend money on a new one when you can hire a generator instead? Let’s take a look at the benefits of generator rental, as well as the different types of generators currently available. Why Hire a Generator? There are many benefits associated with generator rental as opposed to buying one new or second hand. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about keeping up...

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Rent Your Surveying Equipment and Save

Sep 22

Are you considering renting surveying equipment instead of buying it? Many contractors are making this decision and are reaping the benefits as a result. Below, we discuss why opting for surveying equipment for hire is a great idea, as well as the many different types of surveying equipment currently available for rent. The Benefits of Renting Surveying Equipment If...

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Hiring A Skip? Here’s What You Can Put in It

Sep 12

The amount of rubble and waste produced during construction and home improvements are mind-boggling. A skip is a perfect way to manage that – it hides the eyesore while you are working and avoids moving the rubble twice. Be responsible about what you throw into a skip, though, as it is not a case of everything and anything goes. What Not to Put in Your...

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How to Use a High-Pressure Washer

Sep 05

For the best results, there are four main elements needed in high-pressure washing: Pressure, Water flow rate, Cleaning solution, and Heat. Lack for one element requires an adjustment in the others, for example, a cold water high-pressure washer lacks heat, and will, therefore, need more cleaning solution and more pressure. Uses for a High-Pressure Washer Not much...

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