Step-By-Step: How to Unblock a Drain

Jul 15

“The chance of experiencing a blocked drain goes up proportionally with the number of guests you are about to receive.” That may be more hearsay than fact. The fact is that a blocked drain may take a while to build up, but once it has started, it becomes obvious at lightning speed. Signs of a Blocked Drain Your toilet, shower, bath, or sinks are draining slowly...

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3 reasons why drains get blocked – and how to fix them

Jul 04

Looking for a tool rental company? Talisman is the leaders in the field! We have the tools to help you get any job done. Have a blocked drain? We have a few reasons why that keeps happening and how you can fix the problem when it happens. Read on to find out more. There are so many reasons why your drains are blocked. Here are just a few of them: Washing foreign...

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