Great home landscaping projects for the spring

Oct 01

Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your garden. Spring is all about planting new flowers and shrubs, rejuvenating your lawn if winter has left it looking less than lovely, and getting your garden looking gorgeous so that you can enjoy it during the summer months. Some of the following ideas may require specialised garden tools, and if needed...

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5 Uses for a Hilti Gun

May 15

A Hilti gun, also commonly referred to as a Nail gun, is a specific type of nail gun used within the construction industry. It propels nails with force into hard surfaces so that a hammer isn’t necessary, making construction faster and more efficient. Here are 5 interesting uses for this unique piece of equipment: Trimming and Skirting  Hilti guns work...

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How to create the perfect polished concrete floor

Aug 29

Highly polished concrete floors are certainly popular, especially in modern homes and commercial environments. It can be costly to hire professional home improvement companies to transform your drab and potentially flawed concrete floor, to a high gloss and aesthetically pleasing surface. What’s not costly is hiring the basic home improvement tools from Talisman...

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Why does concrete crack?

Jun 27

One of the most common questions from clients after having newly poured concrete is why does the concrete crack? Unfortunately, when not following specific guidelines when installing concrete, it can begin to crack and result in a messy finished job. Talisman plant and tool hire are the leading plant hire company in South Africa and have put a list together to assist...

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5 Essentials for working at heights

Jun 06

When it comes to construction work that needs you and your team to work from heights it is imperative that you have the right safety measures and equipment for the job. Working at heights is one of the main reasons for accidents and even deaths on construction sites. Risk assessments and knowledge are both powerful tools for you to use. When renting power tools and...

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Where to find the right plant hire partner in 2016!

May 23

Have you found the right plant hire partner for 2016? Talisman Hire is the leading plant hire company in South Africa and we are the tool rental company that everyone is talking about! Are you looking to start that home improvement project your wife has been nagging you to do for months, or your company has boomed and you need plant or tools to hire for all the work...

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