Some great uses for a high pressure washer!

Oct 15

As the dull winter days fade away and spring sunshine is flooding our gardens… it suddenly is apparent that our outdoor areas are definitely not as sparkling as they could be! The best piece of equipment for cleaning just about anything outside is a high-pressure washer – and you can rent one from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire. So why should you think about...

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A Guide to Restoring a Damaged Wooden Floor

Sep 19

There isn’t a floor more beautiful than a hardwood floor. However, even the best wooden floors can be damaged: from minor surface scratches to structural defects to annoying squeaks. For the most common damage to wooden floors, floor sanders are a vital part of their restoration. Types of Damage to Wooden Flooring Sadly, there is more than one way in which to...

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How to Remove a Concrete Surface

Aug 10

Concrete is solid, versatile and budget-friendly. It is also easy to use. But how do you remove a concrete surface? With concrete breakers, of course! Step by Step Guide to Removing Concrete If you are working near a window or a car, it is advisable to cover them up with canvas drop cloths to protect it against the impact of the sharp bits of debris which shoot away...

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Five home improvement tools that DIY pro’s can’t do without

Apr 04

What are the five top home improvement tools that DIY-pro’s can’t do without? Besides the basics such as a tape measures, paint brushes and basic construction equipment, to name a few, here are five DIY-tool must-haves: Drill – A drill is essential to almost every DIY project. Pro’s recommended adding this to your home improvement tool...

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Where DIY guys go to hire floor saws…

Jun 27

    Floor saws are handy things. Probably lots of fun to work with, too… ‘ These are the thoughts going through your head as you stare at your concrete or asphalt driveway that is starting to look like it barely survived an earthquake and the visible cracks have become more than an eyesore: they are now, in fact, a potential safety hazard. Being the...

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