Where to find welders for hire or rent

Oct 17

Whether you need to weld large pieces of metal for a construction job, or simply need a welder for a home DIY project, you can find the perfect welder for rent at Talisman Plant and Tool Hire. If you only need a welder for one specific project and are unlikely to get continuous use out of it, then a welder for rent is a cost effective and practical solution. Power...

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Why Compaction Equipment Is Important to Your Project

Jul 19

From ride-on rollers to plate compactors, compaction equipment is a vital aspect of the foundation of your construction project. Without a dense, firm base, there is no support for foundations, slabs and concretes. Shifting soil leads to structural problems such as cracked walls, slabs and foundation erosion. Compaction Requirements When you plan to hire compaction...

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A how-to guide to core drilling

Mar 06

Whether you’re in the construction industry or are busy with a DIY project, there are times when you need to make a medium to large size cylindrical hole in a brick or cement wall. A core drill is needed for this kind of work. This is a drill that cuts a hole and removes the core (the centre part of the hole) as it drills. Because this is a more specialised tool,...

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How to hire the best drill for your job

Oct 24

Drills come in many different varieties suited to different purposes. If you’re looking for drills to hire, you’ll need to take into consideration the kind of work you’ll be doing as well as how powerful a drill you need in order to choose the best type of drill to get the job done. From hand-held impact drills suited to DIY or light construction work, to...

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Everything you need to know about drills

Jul 18

For those who are tool enthusiasts, perhaps you know a thing or two about drills (and other tools for construction). From hand drills to power drills, there are many different types available. In this article we cover everything you need to know about drills, including some different variations, their uses and how to maintain your drills. Read on to find out...

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Five home improvement tools that DIY pro’s can’t do without

Apr 04

What are the five top home improvement tools that DIY-pro’s can’t do without? Besides the basics such as a tape measures, paint brushes and basic construction equipment, to name a few, here are five DIY-tool must-haves: Drill – A drill is essential to almost every DIY project. Pro’s recommended adding this to your home improvement tool...

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