Where to find welders for hire or rent

Oct 17

Whether you need to weld large pieces of metal for a construction job, or simply need a welder for a home DIY project, you can find the perfect welder for rent at Talisman Plant and Tool Hire. If you only need a welder for one specific project and are unlikely to get continuous use out of it, then a welder for rent is a cost effective and practical solution. Power...

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How to Remove a Concrete Surface

Aug 10

Concrete is solid, versatile and budget-friendly. It is also easy to use. But how do you remove a concrete surface? With concrete breakers, of course! Step by Step Guide to Removing Concrete If you are working near a window or a car, it is advisable to cover them up with canvas drop cloths to protect it against the impact of the sharp bits of debris which shoot away...

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Look at Some of Talisman Hire’s Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment

Aug 05

Before you rent construction equipment, take a closer look at what heavy-duty tools are available. If you are looking for construction equipment for hire, go to a supplier that offers quality equipment, prices to suit your budget and quick deliveries to meet your deadlines. Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment Heavy-duty breakers used for breaking and demolition of...

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Heavy Duty Concrete Compaction and Conveyors for Hire in South Africa

Jun 05

Are you looking for compaction equipment for hire or conveyors for hire in South Africa? Then look no further than Talisman! Best known for our range of quality equipment, service excellence and a national network of franchised stores, we’ve got you covered no matter which tools or equipment you’re searching for. Here are the compaction and conveyor hire options...

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An expert guide to building a braai

Jan 23

It’s summertime, which means it’s the perfect time to get your friends together for a braai! A built in brick braai is a great asset to your outdoor entertainment area and is not too difficult to construct. With the right materials and tools (you may need to consider construction equipment rental for this once-off job – Talisman Plant & Tool Hire has a...

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Why 2017 is the year to expand your building and handyman business

Jan 09

In South Africa, what really makes our economy thrive is entrepreneurship. Small businesses, run correctly, can be very rewarding to run – both from a financial and personal fulfilment point of view. If you are a small construction company or handyman, look at 2017 as an opportunity to grow your business by considering construction equipment rental to take on...

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