Rent Your Surveying Equipment and Save

Sep 22

Are you considering renting surveying equipment instead of buying it? Many contractors are making this decision and are reaping the benefits as a result. Below, we discuss why opting for surveying equipment for hire is a great idea, as well as the many different types of surveying equipment currently available for rent. The Benefits of Renting Surveying Equipment If...

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A Guide to Restoring a Damaged Wooden Floor

Sep 19

There isn’t a floor more beautiful than a hardwood floor. However, even the best wooden floors can be damaged: from minor surface scratches to structural defects to annoying squeaks. For the most common damage to wooden floors, floor sanders are a vital part of their restoration. Types of Damage to Wooden Flooring Sadly, there is more than one way in which to...

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4 Projects Where Scaffolding is a Must-Have Piece of Equipment

Sep 15

Scaffolding is an important piece of equipment for many different projects, providing both enhanced access as well as reliable safety while on the job. The question is, when is it necessary? We investigate below… Bricklaying Projects General construction projects, especially in terms of bricklaying, will require plenty of scaffolding. Single scaffolding often does...

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Hiring A Skip? Here’s What You Can Put in It

Sep 12

The amount of rubble and waste produced during construction and home improvements are mind-boggling. A skip is a perfect way to manage that – it hides the eyesore while you are working and avoids moving the rubble twice. Be responsible about what you throw into a skip, though, as it is not a case of everything and anything goes. What Not to Put in Your...

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How to Use a High-Pressure Washer

Sep 05

For the best results, there are four main elements needed in high-pressure washing: Pressure, Water flow rate, Cleaning solution, and Heat. Lack for one element requires an adjustment in the others, for example, a cold water high-pressure washer lacks heat, and will, therefore, need more cleaning solution and more pressure. Uses for a High-Pressure Washer Not much...

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