How to create the perfect polished concrete floor

Aug 29

Highly polished concrete floors are certainly popular, especially in modern homes and commercial environments. It can be costly to hire professional home improvement companies to transform your drab and potentially flawed concrete floor, to a high gloss and aesthetically pleasing surface. What’s not costly is hiring the basic home improvement tools from Talisman...

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Essential lighting for construction sites

Aug 22

Health and safety regulations require construction sites to provide sufficient lighting in potentially poorly lit areas, and of course site-wide at night. If you are working on road construction or building construction and you don’t have access to your own building construction tools and equipment, it’s best to consult with local tool rental companies to ensure...

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How to safely fell or trim a tree

Aug 15

Felling a tree is certainly not something that can be done on a whim. Thought and effort must be put into it and of course you must know how to operate the tree felling equipment that you have at your disposal. If you don’t have your own tree felling equipment and safety gear, it’s best to turn to the tool rental professionals to ensure that you’re doing things...

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How to clean your blocked drain

Aug 08

The first thing to think about when unblocking a clogged drain is what tools you will require. If you don’t have your own selection of tools and equipment, contact your local tool rental company for assistance. Using the right tools to clean a blocked drain is absolutely essential. Drain rods that are available for hire typically come in sets that screw together so...

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How to sand floors, furniture and more

Jul 25

For all your DIY projects you need Talisman. Looking for sand floors, furniture and more? With the help of some special equipment and other home improvement tools, you can do all your sanding yourself. Here is your guide on everything related to sanding. What equipment do you need? This depends on what you will be sanding. For sanding wooden floors, you will need a...

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Everything you need to know about drills

Jul 18

For those who are tool enthusiasts, perhaps you know a thing or two about drills (and other tools for construction). From hand drills to power drills, there are many different types available. In this article we cover everything you need to know about drills, including some different variations, their uses and how to maintain your drills. Read on to find out...

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A guide to welding safety

Jul 11

If you are looking for building construction tools and equipment, Talisman is your one-stop shop. We consider ourselves to be leaders in the tool business, so we put together a quick guide to welding safety. There are some things that can go wrong if you don’t follow safety procedures and if you are not properly trained in welding, it is best to not attempt any DIY...

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