Where to find the right plant hire partner in 2016!

May 23

Have you found the right plant hire partner for 2016? Talisman Hire is the leading plant hire company in South Africa and we are the tool rental company that everyone is talking about! Are you looking to start that home improvement project your wife has been nagging you to do for months, or your company has boomed and you need plant or tools to hire for all the work...

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Safety measures for construction machinery rental

May 16

When renting construction equipment and tools from Talisman Hire for the expansion of your business or dream home. You have the right rental power tools you need to complete the job. But, are you aware of the safety measures when using construction material? Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when handling tools and equipment from Southern Africa’s leading...

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Hire or buy? How to make the right choice when you need power tools and equipment

May 09

Are you finding it hard to assess whether to buy or rent the power tools and equipment you need for your new company construction or DIY project? Which is more cost effective? Renting or buying? For basic tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, punches and chisels that will most likely be used again, purchasing them would be best. However, when it comes to specialist...

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Expanding your small construction business in 2016? We have the plant hire solution for you!

May 02

We at Talisman Hire understand the growing pains of expanding your company, but feel the excitement for your company growth and would like to assist in offering you the best plant hire solution. What is plant hire? It is the rental of construction power tools, equipment and machinery of all kinds and sizes, mainly to construction companies, but also to individuals....

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With plant tools and equipment for hire, you always have the right equipment for the job

Apr 25

If you need special plant or tools for a project, here is the best solution for you. With plant, tools and equipment for hire, you always have the right equipment for the job. Here is a number of specialised equipment available at a reputable tool rental company: Floor Sanders – You will find a number of high quality floor sanders perfect for any floor sanding...

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Renting construction equipment is the financially sound choice

Apr 18

Construction equipment can cost a fortune and is not a viable solution for many businesses, however renting construction equipment is a financially sound choice for the following three reasons: Purchasing costs can be out of the range of many businesses’ budgets. Power tool rentals, construction tools and equipment rental and other plant and tool hire allows...

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Renting scaffolding is cost-effective and safe

Apr 11

Construction equipment in South Africa has to comply with safety rules and regulations and this includes basic compliance such as having valid SABS approval. Plant hire in South Africa therefore only rent plant and tools, power tools, equipment and other tools for construction that are SABS tested and approved. Scaffolding hired from a tool rental company will not...

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